Encourage diversity to promote to Gen Z

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July 30, 2021, 2:28 AM GMT+0

Gen Z is likely to support brands that allow them to express themselves through a charity cause, as per McKinsey & Company.

Though Gen Z and millennials have a lot in common in terms of consumer behaviour, marketers must bridge the generational gap to promote a brand to these consumers. Brands can target Gen Z with ads on Twitter and Facebook.

However, Gen Z prefers quicker ads and clever marketing messaging on Snapchat and Instagram, as well YouTube and TikTok. Companies should meaningfully incorporate a diverse set of people in social media ads to engage Gen Z since they strongly support diversity and inclusion efforts.

Promote tailored products that are gender-neutral, recyclable, biodegradable to engage Gen Z and drive sales. Businesses must ensure their ads are honest, authentic and have a human element present in every marketing campaign to appeal to Gen Z.

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