Use NLP to make chatbots personable

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July 30, 2021, 4:11 PM GMT+0

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows chatbot software to use customer data and provide personalised information.

With people craving a human touch in their customer experience after the pandemic, businesses should make sure their chatbots are empathetic, conversational and personable. Feeding chatbots with data from real-life conversations can help companies to train chatbots for actual interactions.

Using NLP can help make chatbots seem friendlier. NLP can monitor a customer’s tone, learn the regional and colloquial language and quirks to make chatbots more conversationally and pleasing. Companies can also add generic responses and greetings into the chatbot software to make sure it reflects their tone of voice.

Use AI, machine learning and neural networks to make chatbots respond appropriately to unknown situations. Companies should also program the chatbot to redirect complicated issues to human agents to solve the problem more effectively.

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