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August 02, 2021, 5:05 PM GMT+0

Studies show that inbound marketing is 54% more effective for lead generation than outbound marketing methods like paid ads and cold calling.

Inbound marketing is a marketing tactic that can help businesses, particularly wholesalers, boost brand awareness and make the brand discoverable. It involves creating and publishing various kinds of content, including video and social. Inbound marketing also has a better shot at large returns on investment than outbound marketing.

To create an effective inbound marketing strategy, marketers must first identify their audience, prospects’ pain points and ways in which the company can resolve them. Marketers should choose a format – in-person or virtual events, video content marketing or blogs - keeping in mind their budget.

Marketers should create high-quality, value-added, intentional and direct content that effectively conveys the brand message. They can also conduct competitor analysis and keyword research for more effective content ideas. 

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