Go beyond basic influencer analytics

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August 03, 2021, 2:04 AM GMT+0

Focus on every detail of the product to create captivating posts for Instagram and boost word-of-mouth marketing.

Marketers looking to build effective Instagram advertising campaigns need to thoroughly assess factors like influencer pages, metrics, KPIs and more. Collaborate with relevant influencers that have loyal audiences, aligned brand values, and those who can bring value, rather than just examining basic influencer analytics.

Building authentic relationships with influencers on Instagram can help brands reflect the same authenticity in their marketing campaign and cultivate trust. Posting reliable and true information about product benefits, side effects, and more can further help brands build trust on Instagram.

While likes are indicative of awareness, nurturing prospects through engaging, informative, and educational posts, helps boost brand image and augments conversions. Crafting visual content like images and videos around products and services is recommended to differentiate from competitors.

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