Simple site UI helps retain visitors

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August 03, 2021, 1:18 PM GMT+0

Provide special offers and discounts to retain website visitors and drive sales.

Creating easily navigable websites with a simple user interface (UI) and informative content can help organisations improve user experience (UX) and boost retention and sales. Create clear, easy, and attractive navigation supported by relevant content, clickable pictures, and aesthetics to boost engagement levels on the site to boost conversions.

Including sections like popular trends and explanatory videos related to the content can further help brands build a user-friendly website, enhance UX and augment retention. Keep font use consistent. Place appropriate calls-to-action, and links to various categories to retain prospects on the site, and convert them into repeat visitors.

Developing cloud-based and customisation tools can help brands provide personalised services, increase engagement levels and drive sales. Promote cybersecurity measures implemented on the website to assure privacy and security to consumers and build credibility.

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