Establish leadership using podcasts

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August 04, 2021, 12:25 PM GMT+0

Brands must use podcasts to reach new audiences with quality content and establish themselves as an opinion leader.

With content consumption today linked with technology, accessibility and practicality, the audio format is more inclusive than reading. For instance, podcasts make good content available to audiences with visual and hearing disabilities. Additionally, podcast platforms offer content at reasonable prices.  

Podcasts are an effective tool to create personalised content that consumers can genuinely resonate with. Using podcasts, companies can enhance brand visibility and position themselves as industry leaders. This further encourages customers to purchase from a brand they view as an expert in the industry.

Brands can monetise podcasts in a number of ways. Compared to traditional ads, 44% of listeners pay more attention to podcast ads. Similarly, podcasts can feature sponsors, include advertising spots, ink revenue share deals with podcast platforms like Anchor and opt for affiliate marketing.

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