Evaluate complexity cost of new tech

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August 04, 2021, 3:37 AM GMT+0

Companies must evaluate workflows and processes and invest in new platforms that are in tune with current realities.

CMOs looking to invest in new martech and ad-tech solutions need to create a decision-making framework to justify their investments. While pitching for new investments into new solutions, assess the cost of complexity and account for potentially detrimental biases that might stifle decision-making.

Analysing use cases, learning curves required, and value-added to the original solution can help CMOs determine the impact of new marketing solutions. This can further help brands prevent overlapping of technologies and avoid investing in technology that is rarely used.

Moreover, CMOs should ensure their marketing department is well-equipped and skilled to work on the new platforms. Assisting marketers in planning out campaigns with clear steps and milestones and providing extensive support can help them effectively leverage new solutions.

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