Consumers now look at in-store retail as a lifestyle activity

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August 05, 2021, 5:56 PM GMT+0

Post the pandemic; consumers view in-store shopping as a gateway to socialising, dining and events. 

A study of 4,000 consumers across markets like the UK, the USA and Germany has revealed that in-store shopping now appeals to shoppers as a lifestyle activity. About 49% of consumers credited shopping and dining as top motivators for returning to shops in city centres. 

Similarly, 49% of customers prefer shopping in-store retail, as opposed to online shopping. The report also states that 26% of consumers prioritise contactless options while shopping in physical stores. About 47% of the respondents prefer a mix of in-store and online shopping. 

While consumers on both channels look for value, convenience, and service, immediacy is essential for shoppers choosing in-store retail. Additionally, 74% of customers said AI capabilities enhance the shopping experience. However, 44% of customers are distrustful of brands’ motivations for using technology.

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