8% pitches result in published articles

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August 05, 2021, 2:54 AM GMT+0

35% of journalists open PR pitch emails within a minute of receiving it, according to Propel’s recent study.

Technology and computers, business and industrial, health and fitness, art, and entertainment are among the most often pitched topics to journalists by PR professionals. However, only around eight percent of pitches sent to journalists result in articles being published.

Only 29% of pitches received by journalists are opened by them. About 3.27% of those get a response. Of the categories pitched, business and industrial earn the most response at 4.17%, followed by society at 3.56%.

Journalists respond to art and entertainment, food and drink, finance pitches 3.37%, 3.27%, and 3.11% of the time respectively. The majority of pitch opens occur in the first half of the day, before 1 p.m., and most journalists will open a pitch within 30 minutes of receiving it.

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