Optimise landing page to boost leads

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August 06, 2021, 6:48 PM GMT+0

Use website-landing pages to deliver specific, problem-focused and exclusive messages to target audiences.

By using demographic segmentation, marketers can personalise landing page messaging to offer solutions relevant to their customers’ needs. Brands must first conduct research to gain insights on their customers’ needs, the experience of using the brand’s products and consumer sentiment towards competing brands.

Next, use insights from audience research to highlight habits and traits particular to the target audience. Find out what language and keywords customers use while searching for products online. Using this language in the landing page copy makes it easier for brands to contextualise their solutions to their customers’ problems.

Along with using relevant imagery, the landing page copy should focus on the benefits of the product. To boost CTA effectiveness, marketers must use first-person phrasing. For instance, instead of “Start your free 30-day trial”, write “Start my free 30-day trial.”

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