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August 09, 2021, 1:29 AM GMT+0

Create a long-term marketing strategy to build credibility and boost sales without public relations (PR).

In case of availability of limited budgets, investing into PR might not be the best for start-ups and small businesses. Instead, they should prioritise marketing efforts like SEO optimisation, digital ads, and content marketing to boost revenue.

Drafting distinctive and unique content for owned sites can help marketers enhance SEO, find quality leads, and increase brand value cost-effectively. Moreover, brands can target audiences based on demographics, online search habits, and intent to buy via digital advertising.

Retargeting customers, tracking them on the internet, and displaying ads on social media, search apps, news and periodicals, and other platforms is possible with digital advertising. Marketers must create content types like articles to inform consumers’ purchase decisions, foster relationships, build trust, and augment content marketing efforts.

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