IAB demystifies the ingredients of CTV ad

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August 09, 2021, 7:10 PM GMT+0

IAB’s new guide summarises the best-known practices in CTV, including ad loads, durations and creative formats.

In the popular imagination, the CTV ad experience is miles ahead of its linear counterpart. This perception is primarily based on its low ad loads and increased engagement. But, IAB’s latest guide also highlights other factors which have been equally crucial in audience perception about CTV ad experience.

These factors also include reducing unnecessarily repeating creatives and managing ad frequency. The guide also recommends following technical guidelines that help to deliver the right creative in the correct format and resolution to the appropriate customer.

Marketers looking for the perfect CTV ad duration need to factor in where the ads fall in a pod. Pre-roll ads should be around 15 seconds, while mid-roll ones can be a bit longer.

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