Improve CX across channels via analytics

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August 09, 2021, 4:25 AM GMT+0

Accounting for trends and seasonality helps leverage ecommerce analytics to boost SEO. 

Brands can use ecommerce analytics to inform crucial marketing decisions as the data includes key metrics from the consumer journey. Analysing ecommerce analytics helps gather insights like audience demographics, their behaviour, sources of traffic, converted prospects, and ROI of paid marketing activities.

Businesses looking to measure the performance of their campaigns, gather holistic information, identify trends, forecast revenue, improve pricing, and more can leverage data analytics. Brands can also implement ecommerce analytics to improve and create tailored consumer experiences (CX) across content formats and channels, and drive sales.

Understanding metrics like bounce rates, reports and KPI and analytics trends can help brands develop effective ecommerce marketing strategies. Gather data from all sources like email providers, use marketing tools to assess trends, track traffic, products, and categories to guide marketing decisions.

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