Tell the brand story through content 

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August 09, 2021, 6:22 PM GMT+0

In order to shape the public's perception of the brand, marketers must create experiences that reinforce the brand story.

These experiences can be created using brand's stories - experiences that give customers reasons to believe in and care for the brand story. Brand's stories are different from the "brand story" that the leaders tell about the company. 

A brand story-content experience disconnect leads to consumers interpreting the brand in their way. While marketers may not have the power to control their brand narrative completely, they can create content experiences to support the brand's mission.

Additionally, content experiences can repair audience disconnect and regain lost consumer confidence. To this effect, brands should identify what kind of impact they want to deliver through their stories. While some content aims to make audiences feel a strong emotion, some are designed to change a strong belief completely.

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