Adopt longer attribution windows

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August 10, 2021, 9:33 AM GMT+0

Longer attribution windows on on-device campaigns can help brands bid for ads cost-effectively at scale.

With attribution being crucial for optimising user acquisition campaigns, brands should implement attribution window periods depending on their marketing goals. Campaigns that are natively run on-device or ads via the telecom operator, should adopt an attribution window of 30-days or longer.

A longer window helps businesses accurately capture app installs per campaign, and assess user behaviour, as most app installs on newly activated devices aren’t opened instantly. The conversion will only be attributed to the on-device campaign once the user decides to open the app.

Having a 30-day or longer attribution window helps advertisers attribute conversions from app installs, when the users decide to open the app, thereby enhancing on-device campaigns. Moreover, longer attribution windows will result in higher eCPMs, as more conversions are captured, resulting in better scalability and efficiency.

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