Boost conversions with landing page copy

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August 10, 2021, 6:06 PM GMT+0

Landing page copy is two times more effective than design in boosting conversions.

Brands must use their website landing page copy to deliver value to their visitors and capture their attention. This holds true especially for audiences that are new to the company or the industry at large. Businesses should keep their landing page language simple and easy for audiences to understand.

To achieve this simplicity, marketers should avoid using jargon in the landing page copy. Copywriters must keep sentences short and limit the number of syllables per word. Numbers and statistics in the copy, which serve as social proof, should also be appropriately highlighted.

Instead of a to-the-point copy, the landing page should narrate a story. Marketers can weave a narrative by identifying an issue and then elaborating on it. They should then explain how the brand offers a solution and use actionable CTAs to boost conversions.  

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