Brands should opt for hybrid events to spur engagement

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August 10, 2021, 6:01 PM GMT+0

Events that combine physical and virtual participation engage large-scale audiences across time zones.

While consumers are getting the itch to return to physical events, brands should opt for a mix of virtual and in-person events. Such hybrid events help reduce costs, reach larger audiences, host authoritative speakers and build larger data pools, among other benefits.

With hybrid events, companies can cut down costs towards hosting in-person attendees. While companies will have to spend for screens, connectivity and cameras to enable live streaming, hybrid events would allow brands to host large virtual audiences. Hybrid events boost sponsor views as well.

Similarly, brands can also host international speakers across time zones without overshooting their budgets. Participants can interact on event apps and platforms to raise questions, converse with each other and share brand content. The data generated in the process can help brands track engagement and other metrics.

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