Fashion brands must pay attention to TikTok

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August 11, 2021, 5:06 PM GMT+0

Most TikTokers are Gen Z, who have a combined spending power of over $150 billion.

Unlike other platforms like Instagram, in which fashion content is highly polished and aspirational, TikTok is a platform for unfiltered creative expressions. With most TikTok content being created by regular users, the ByteDance-owned platform is positioned for authentic, unfiltered reality.

The authentic nature of TikTok makes fashion content on the platform more accessible and more influential. The platform is also actively influencing the future of online fashion retail through features like live-stream purchase options. 

Established brands like Gucci are already capitalising on hashtag challenges to reach their target demographic on TikTok. Brands need to capitalise on relevant events and influencers to drive sales through TikTok while embracing the platform's fun, authentic, and random side.

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