Humour, statistics, clear messaging can help promote low-interest products

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August 11, 2021, 1:13 PM GMT+0

Businesses that consider themselves as belonging to a low-interest category could try creating intriguing characters like the Geico gecko from the insurance industry.

Companies aiming to improve their efforts to promote supposedly low-interest category products should identify what relevant emotional benefit can be conveyed through marketing campaigns. Instead of striving to fill communication gaps in campaigns, firms should distil their branding down to clear and simple messages that resonate with customers.

A brand could even be brave enough to say the “most heretical thing” within the sector to get interesting conversations going. They can also add fun product-relevant statistical/math trivia to their promotional campaigns to “reframe the importance of the category.”

Low-interest category brands should incorporate humour into their marketing campaigns to enhance marketing efforts and boost sales. Injecting humour in low-interest categories can help businesses increase consumer engagement and drive awareness.

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