Optimise content for conversational search by understanding the target audience

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August 11, 2021, 5:55 PM GMT+0

Instead of relying solely on keywords, brand content must feature conversational language to achieve targeted results.

Conversational search refers to using complete sentences and phrases in everyday language in search queries. Compared to shorter keywords, conversational searches resemble the way people talk, making them more fluid. With the growing popularity of digital voice assistance and intuitive text, marketers must optimise brand content for conversational searches.

Understand target audiences better and identify what kind of questions they are most likely to ask. Avoid jargon, and use natural language. For instance, instead of “How can I troubleshoot an unresponsive wireless connection?” users are more likely to ask, “How do you fix a broken Wi-Fi connection?”

Make sure the simplistic conversational search terms are incorporated into the rest of the content. Capture the reader’s attention by beginning with a conversational search question and continue with brand content that answers that question effectively.

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