Media businesses should pay more attention to mobile innovation

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August 12, 2021, 6:28 PM GMT+0

A Deloitte study found the average American picks up their phone around 47 times a day.

With print revenue declining constantly and digital habits changing quickly, publishing businesses are in a perpetual state of crisis. Media businesses must adapt quickly and take the crisis as a chance for reinventing themselves for the modern post-pandemic world.

Publishers are getting ready for this by increasingly investing in machine learning to understand user behaviour better. They are also creating webinars and podcasts to abandon the need to read altogether. But, they are not doing enough to overcome the crisis that the industry is facing now.

They should take a cue from publishers like The Guardian and hire a designated mobile innovation team, to showcase news stories that are easily digestible on mobile screens. They should also balance personalisation with the utility to overcome the engagement crisis.

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