Strategically using Google Analytics Reports can help publishers make gains 

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August 12, 2021, 3:32 PM GMT+0

This piece suggests nine Google Analytics Reports that publishers must prioritise to optimise critical areas like ad performance.

Strategically using Google Analytics Reports can help publishers effectively track user behaviour on their websites, improve monetisation capabilities and make informed decisions to optimise ad inventories. They should first prioritise Landing Pages and then dive deep into In-Market Segments.

In-Market Segments let businesses know about users who are most likely to purchase products belonging to a specific category. This report would give marketers an idea about the active interests of their website audience in real-time, which will help them plan the campaigns accordingly.

Marketers should also keep an eye on Affinity Categories, Mobile Reports, Search Terms, Location, Top Events, Goals and Publisher Report to capitalise on Google Analytics. While Top Events can help understand the most frequent user activities, Goals can help assess the success of their business.

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