Create a knowledge hub relevant to the niche the business belongs to

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August 13, 2021, 1:05 AM GMT+0

Create a glossary of terms and link it to relevant articles/terms to display the definition of certain words within a page.

Building a niche knowledge base allows organisations to improve content marketing initiatives, address customers' queries on the site, build backlinks, drive sales, and improve SEO. Make use of tools like Text Optimiser and Google's People Ask boxes, Quora, and other sites to research niche question patterns about any topic related to the brand.

Incorporating plugins like Acronym 2 assists in providing quick definitions for common acronyms by replacing tags. The Encyclopedia/ Glossary/ Wiki plugin helps build an encyclopedia, lexicon, glossary, wiki, dictionary, or knowledge base.

Drive website traffic and address consumer questions by categorising specific question topics into groups and including relevant videos within the content. To convert prospects, create contextual CTA buttons, conversational forms, lead generation assessments, and web push notifications.

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