Match content to platform to ensure effective cross-promotion

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August 13, 2021, 1:20 PM GMT+0

Monitor the changes in consumers’ engagement with social media to cross-promote content.

For companies wanting to connect with prospects across channels, cross-promoting content is recommended. Cross-promotion of content entails taking a single piece of content and customising it to the needs of numerous channels and audiences.

Marketers should adopt the content they choose to match the needs of the platform on which it will be distributed next. This includes image resizing, text alignment with the language used by the channel's audience, integrating relevant backlinks, custom URLs or UTM codes for tracking, creating tailored copies and more.

Businesses must avoid the indiscriminate publishing of the same content across all brand channels.Make necessary edits to differentiate content depending on the platform. Cross-promoting content helps boost recognition and sales.

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