Use pandemic-driven uncertainty to drive transformational change

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August 13, 2021, 5:14 PM GMT+0

With fast-changing societal and political landscapes, brands must rethink how they approach consumer engagement.

The past 18 months have brought a spate of wide-ranging changes and a sense of uncertainty to B2B marketers who are trying hard to reconnect with customers. With social movements like Black Lives Matter and a heightened focus on mental well-being, brands must reassess their stands on various issues.

Build a brand purpose that engages customers with shared values and experiences. Businesses must also re-evaluate their marketing technologies to align with emerging industry practices. Similarly, according to a McKinsey report, business digital adoption has accelerated to achieve five years’ worth of growth in just three months. 

Nonetheless, audiences continue to demand physical interactions. Companies must focus on hybrid events, which offer a mix of physical and virtual interaction. Such events also help extend the lifespan and relevance of brand events.

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