B2B marketers must let customers sign up for their services using personal emails

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August 16, 2021, 6:16 PM GMT+0

By favouring corporate email addresses, businesses are harming better deliverability of their emails.

Customers are more likely to open emails when they receive them on addresses of their choice. The open rate across the board for corporate emails is a median of 5.56%. For Gmail addresses, though, the available rate for B2B newsletter is a median of 15%.

With employees constantly leaving their jobs, they also leave behind their corporate emails. Ultimately this reduces the effectiveness of a business's email list over time. Instead, brands should allow them to use email addresses that move from one job to another.

When B2B sign-up forms ask for corporate email addresses, businesses link individuals' worth with what they can do in the capacity of an employee at a corporation. This approach damage customer relationships for the brand in the long term.

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