Check visibility settings and upload frequency to improve YouTube watch time

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August 16, 2021, 9:32 AM GMT+0

Any fluctuations in the frequency of video uploads could affect viewing time on YouTube.

The Creator Insider channel on YouTube shares how to improve watch times and prevent it from plummeting. Recent video uploads usually reach the peak in the first few days, and a drop in views after several days is considered normal.

If the dip affects multiple videos, creators should ensure their videos' visibility is configured to public and check for copyright claims, as this may limit visibility in some regions. A continuous decrease in watch time could also imply changes in the thumbnail style, titles, and content of the channel.

Creators should assess data concerning their niche in Google Trends to find the topics their audiences are interested in. Creating videos around trending topics their subscribers are interested in can help marketers increase the channel’s watch time.

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