Hold workshops, charity activities to get new customers

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August 16, 2021, 8:07 AM GMT+0

Offer product or service sampling to drive sales in local communities.

Small local companies might benefit from hosting low-cost events to acquire new customers and bolster relationships within their community. Planning events that combine education, entertainment, and philanthropy may help corporations demonstrate their value and also increase local engagement.

Brands can further involve their local communities by hosting live contests like scavenger hunts, on-site shredding, and charity activities. To help consumers learn new skills, hold workshops, and encourage them to join in environmental projects such as beach clean-ups.

Organising hobby-based and industry-specific events, as well as hosting speaking engagements, may help businesses connect with local customers and raise awareness. Sponsor local sporting events to get the brand's name "out there”, states Bryce Welker of Beat The CPA, and provide gifts like prizes to encourage community participation.

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