TikTok launches “Creative Solutions” to help brands create engaging content

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August 16, 2021, 5:05 PM GMT+0

The guide allows brands to understand practices, tips, and solutions to create authentic TikTok campaigns.

While engaging audiences on TikTok, repurposing content from other platforms or professional-quality ads will be of little help to marketers. Instead, brands must create content that aligns with organic trends and characteristics particular to TikTok.

According to the latest creative guide, marketers must experiment with various music, voiceovers and effects while creating content.  The guide also explains what elements go into an effective TikTok clip that helps brands expand their reach. These include prioritising audio, keeping videos short and using effective CTAs to trigger customer action.

The guide also offers video templates that brands can use to create content not obscured by TikTok’s in-house UI elements. Additionally, marketers can use the directory to access other features like Creator Marketplace and other audio tools.

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