40% of customers worry about unethical use of their data

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August 17, 2021, 11:22 AM GMT+0

KPMG’s poll of business leaders and consumers revealed that 29% of executives admitted to their companies having used unethical data collection practices “sometimes.”

The study highlights a gap between corporations' data collection policies and customers' concerns about how their information is collected and used. 70% of business leaders have increased the amount of data they gather from customers over the last year.

Also, 40% of customers do not trust businesses to use their personal information ethically. Consumers (47%) believe their phones and smart speakers are being used to listen in on their conversations. Another 47% of consumers are worried that the companies that have their data could be hacked.

Consumers want companies to be more open about how they utilise their personal information. However, only 53% of organisations state they share information about data use with customers.

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