Create personalised content or ads based on customer data

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August 17, 2021, 3:32 AM GMT+0

Business can leverage YouTube and Google’s expanded video building tools to create personalised video content.

More people are turning towards individual content creators who offer tailored experiences and personalised content as behaviour shifts from macro to micro consumption. Instead of solely roping in influencers, businesses should use video editing and production tools to generate highly personalised video pitches based on consumer data.

However, developing personalised videos requires a considerable quantity of consumer data and advanced machine learning capabilities. The author contends that businesses would be able to deliver personalised video experiences based on key data entered during the registration process, in a few years.

Ecommerce platforms, for example, currently provide personalised marketing content based on customer data. Companies can benefit from analysing consumer data from storefronts, surveys, and other sources to create successful and personalised video content.

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