The pandemic pushed the adoption of augmented reality technologies into top gear

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August 17, 2021, 4:33 PM GMT+0

An eMarketer study found the number of social media augmented reality users in the US is expected to climb to over 48 million by 2022.

The rise of social networks such as Facebook has transformed the way people communicate. Because of the pandemic, the digitisation of customer interactions has further increased by several years.

Additionally, social media platforms are adapting to welcome augmented reality technology's emergence and provide marketers with new opportunities to engage with users. With the help of AR, several platforms and apps are galvanising the product experience by replicating the virtual "try on" experience for brands. 

To encourage the adoption of AR, Facebook has incorporated some AR games like Asteroids Attack on its Messenger platform. The technology has the potential can change the world of marketing forever. In the future, AR can transform the way DOOH performs by blending with technologies like facial recognition.

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