Pop art motifs, bold visuals are some graphic design trends to note

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August 17, 2021, 1:47 AM GMT+0

Leverage the nostalgia element of pop art in marketing campaigns to entice consumers and drive purchases.

Organisations looking to overhaul their aesthetics and enhance branding efforts should incorporate graphic design trends that are likely to be seen this year. Making use of bold and psychedelic visuals, music, and art designs (like a kaleidoscopic dash of colours) can help brands appeal to consumers from the “rebellion” era.

Psychedelic designs, however, should be used with restraint because they are occasionally linked to mind-altering substances. Owing to superhero franchises like Marvel’s Avengers, pop art aesthetics are also resurfacing, since such designs have a joyful vibe.

With COVID-19 keeping people indoors, brands can include design elements from the natural world to represent freshness and health. Motifs like leaves, flowers and greenery also convey the company’s commitment towards sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

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