Brands must use YouTube’s in-house KPIs to measure their channel’s performance

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August 18, 2021, 1:53 PM GMT+0

While businesses will no longer be able to track YouTube data on Google Analytics, they can instead rely on YouTube Creator Studio.

In what is perhaps an effort to make YouTube a standalone platform, Google severed all ties between the video platform and Google Analytics last year. However, businesses can continue gathering data and insights on the video-sharing app using YouTube Creator Studio.

Brands can analyse demographic and geographic information about their audiences to offer localised content. YouTube also enables companies to identify which platforms viewers first came across the video. Similarly, use opt-in forms to identify where viewers first found the brand’s videos.

YouTube’s in-house KPIs also allow brands to track how long viewers stay on their videos. Brands must also ensure links mentioned in their video descriptions are trackable. Additionally, use features like top cards to link videos with other playlists or channels.

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