Brands need Influencer marketing agencies to make the most of influencer-brand collabs

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August 18, 2021, 4:50 PM GMT+0

New agencies like Clubhouse are helping leverage the $13.8 billion influencer marketing industry to its full potential.

Brands and influencers struggle with the fragmentation, informality and newness that defines the influencer marketing industry. Agencies like Clubhouse Media Group Inc. are trying to streamline this space with talent management, business advice and campaign planning services.

Although 70% of influencers credited the earning potential in the industry to become an influencer in the first place, they struggle with negotiating contracts. Additionally, 36% of brands pay with free products or discounts instead of influencer fees.

Agencies like Clubhouse help influencers find the right brands to collaborate with and negotiate the appropriate contract terms. The agency also offers influencers resources to create high-quality content. As for brands, they can approach the agency to collaborate with relevant and genuine influencers.

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