Companies are relying on first-party data to become customer-centric

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August 18, 2021, 5:20 PM GMT+0

In the wake of third-party cookies being phased out shortly, publishers are increasingly shifting focus to first-party data.

According to an INMA report featuring 13 case studies, publishers are using technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather data and boost reader revenue. Companies are harnessing data to identify audiences, create relevant advertiser segments, enrich audiences’ profiles and activate data for advertisers.

Before they gather data, brands must identify the end goal they intend to use the data for. Setting up an objective helps businesses create the necessary infrastructure to meet the goal. Similarly, use the data to group the target audiences into different categories like newsletter subscribers, registered users, repeat visitors and anonymous users.

This segmentation enables brands to optimize the user experience. For instance, Mediahuis developed KPIs for each group of their readers in order to improve engagement for different audiences.

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