Create plagiarism-free content to avoid potential search engine penalties

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August 18, 2021, 5:38 PM GMT+0

Plagiarism is copying content from a publication or website, claiming it as theirs, without properly attributing it to the original author.

Though the quantity of published articles is crucial for businesses looking to improve search rankings, brands should focus more on publishing one unique article than many plagiarised content pieces. Plagiarism can increase the chances of getting penalised by search engines and negatively affect the brand's credibility and reputation.

Despite practising all SEO tactics accurately, websites can see low traffic and low search rankings if they plagiarise content. The article states Google penalties result in the website not ranking.

As plagiarism is a copyright violation, brands should strictly avoid such practices to avoid copyright strikes. If they want to publish someone else's work, they should also seek permission from the copyright holder to prevent legal troubles.

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