Marketers need to pay more attention to email frequency

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August 19, 2021, 1:23 PM GMT+0

Instead of sending low-quality emails daily, brands should consider sending relevant, personalised and meaningful emails monthly.

Brands should prioritise quality over quantity while creating a newsletter strategy. Around 60% of people want to receive promotional emails from brands weekly, while more than 80% want to receive branded emails monthly. In contrast, only 10% of people would like to receive branded emails daily.

Analysing open rates, click rates and subscription data can help brands understand whether they are sending too many emails. Marketers should also provide each newsletter with a link to let clients set their desired frequency.

Conducting a customer survey can help identify consumer needs and desires. Marketers should use these insights to create informative, engaging or instructive newsletters that meet audiences’ needs. They can also include content from influencers and industry thought-leaders but ensure the newsletter content is simple and easy to digest.

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