Pick a CTV partner with up-to-date inventory filtering capabilities

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August 19, 2021, 10:36 AM GMT+0

Most of such partners could be members of the IAB Tech Lab.

The pandemic made the necessity of reaching out to consumers through connected TV (CTV) advertising a necessity. Advertisers looking to bring a new CTV partner onboard must be mindful of a few things.

Advertisers must look to work with supply-side partners (SSPs) that work directly with CTV publishers. The inventory on offer must be thoroughly examined for any mislabelling issues. Opt for SSP partners that work with MRC-accredited vendors, especially those that ensure CTV fraud detection and filtration.

This is important, as CTV ad fraud rates were as high as 24% in Q4 2020. Further, conducting a high-quality internal audit of the inventory supply chain is recommended. To further avoid encountering mislabelled inventory, choose to work partners with the most up-to-date filtering capabilities.

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