Simplify how gamers can share their in-app achievements online

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August 19, 2021, 1:14 AM GMT+0

Allow gamers to share feedback as a community given its importance to the developmental process of a game app.

Brands with game apps must build a community of loyal players as in June 2021, $7.3 billion was spent by gamers across App Store and Google Play. Companies must reach the gamers where they are. This might mean being on Facebook or Twitch or YouTube.

Reaching out and engaging gamers must be a proactive effort rather than reactive. Seek and incorporate gamers’ feedback during the development phase of a game app. This could also help improve the popularity of the game app post release.

Selectively and realistically choose a platform to build a community on instead of spreading the brand thin. Further, make it easier for gamers to share their wins and achievements online with the least amount of steps possible.   

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