B2B businesses should advertise to prospects on CTV and OTT

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August 20, 2021, 2:28 AM GMT+0

Develop personalised ads targeting B2B prospects to generate leads.

Businesses can incorporate some creative thinking into their B2B marketing initiatives to better discover prospects and engage with them, as B2B transactions involve several stakeholders. B2B campaigns, however, are sophisticated, and marketers must have the correct data, as well as personal, social, and business profiles of their target audience, to reach prospects.

Incorporating account-based marketing (ABM) tactics into the mix should help brands craft highly personalised marketing messages and align sales and marketing teams’ efforts. Creating tailored messages to match each prospects’ wants can help marketers enhance B2B campaigns.

Businesses can also add OTT and CTV media channels to their marketing mix to reach B2B clients. Running tailored CTV video ads with the right data and creatives on Hulu or Peacock can help brands boost lead generation and ultimately sales.

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