Invest in online reviews to leverage the power of trust in brand marketing

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August 20, 2021, 5:46 PM GMT+0

An Edelman study found 81% of people say they need to trust a brand to make a purchase.

Businesses should consider “trust” as the foundation of brand marketing as companies that foster customer loyalty and increase sales by earning their trust. Along with using emotional factors in branding elements, brands should be transparent about their company mission, values and policies.

Companies should proactively track and empathetically address customer complaints and feedback on social platforms to earn customer trust in the social media age. As 93% of consumers use online reviews to inform their buying decisions, marketers should focus more on customer reviews.

Businesses should invest in systems to encourage more customers to share positive product/service reviews. They can also use customer reviews to identify areas of improvement and address issues that can potentially harm the brand reputation.

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