Focus more on consumer emotions, feelings and attitudes than on big data

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August 23, 2021, 3:33 PM GMT+0

A Forrester study found most businesses agree that consumers are more likely to spend money on brands they feel connected to.

The majority of brands say they develop strategies entirely based on big data. But, relying solely on big data while ignoring human insights can make it challenging for businesses to develop products/services that meet evolving customer demands. 

Marketers relied on traditional methods like surveys to collect feedback for years. Though these methods along with big data benchmarks like webpage clicks are crucial, marketers must also leverage ways to build an emotional connection with customers.

Having a deeper understanding of customers, their feelings, emotions and attitudes can help brands build a long-term customer relationship and make them feel confident about the purchasing decision. Brands should set aside time for customer interactions and leverage the real voice of consumers into the decision-making process.

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