A simplified checkout process with compelling CTAs lowers cart abandonment

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August 23, 2021, 8:57 AM GMT+0

Showcase social proof, like reviews, and display trusted payment options on the checkout page to decrease cart abandonments.

Tracking cart abandonment rates and assessing data analytics can help brands spot issues, like broken sales funnel, improve user experience (UX), and boost sales. To increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment, create a straightforward checkout experience with the least number of steps.

Having a guest checkout option, allowing express checkout, displaying a progress bar, and adding CTAs with messaging like "Buy Now" can improve checkout UX. Since most consumers consider shipping costs to be a determinant, reducing shipping costs on minimum orders can augment purchases.

Provide tailored intent-based incentives like limited-time deals and display exit pop-up offers to lower abandoned carts. Send abandoned cart emails, provide several payment alternatives, and eliminate any ad injection during the checkout process to enhance UX.

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