Brands should clearly explain goals and expectations before outsourcing content

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August 24, 2021, 5:26 PM GMT+0

Businesses that do not have enough time or talent in-house to produce quality content at scale can hire freelance content creators to meet their goals.

Before collaborating with an external content creator, companies should outline their requirements and processes. They should consider factors like topics, platforms and type of content while partnering with a content creator. Companies should also highlight the goals, expected content volume and frequency, creator’s role in the creation and distribution process.

Companies should also consider legal compliance factors before hiring a freelance writer. Mentioning expectations and considering financial factors beforehand can help companies experience less friction across all content creation processes and develop a more trusting and satisfying long-term engagement with the content creator.

Marketers can ask for recommendations from trusted people in their professional network, work with a creative staffing agency or research and recruit freelance writers directly. But, before hiring an external content creator, they should look for relevant content creation skills, adaptability, technical and tactical knowledge, audience insights, and subject matter expertise.

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