Personalised, short subject lines boost cold email open rates

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August 24, 2021, 12:53 PM GMT+0

Use appropriate tone of voice, words, highlight the purpose, and include CTAs to write high performing cold emails.

Marketers should nurture cold email leads and understand their needs to offer solutions that add value to their lives. Develop personalised email pitches and maximise value by segmenting subscribers based on demographics.

To nurture cold emails and increase open rates, write concise welcome email copies with CTAs, offer giveaways, and provide an accessible route for prospects to connect the brand. Automating the email delivery process via software helps fast-track email nurturing.

For subject lines, maintain a character limit of 28 to 50 characters, remove irrelevant filler words, and personalise it with the recipient's name to drive open rates. Send emails at regular intervals and at appropriate times, as well as follow up on those emails with content like eBooks to nurture cold emails.

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