Use Live streaming to reach wider audiences and drive subscriptions

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August 24, 2021, 5:19 PM GMT+0

The pandemic gave Live streaming traffic a 400% boost in March last and has stayed 40% above 2019 levels ever since.

Brands must capitalise on the every growing popularity of live streaming and focus on engaging viewers even after the live event has ended. Use technology like AI to make article and video recommendations to audiences in order to prolong the time they spend on the brand’s website.

Similarly, businesses usually end up with hours of video content once the live stream has ended. Marketers can create smaller clips out of this footage and post the videos on social media. This way, brands can extend the shelf life of the live streaming content and expand their content library.

Additionally, use live streaming to offer unique information and exclusive coverage of breaking news events. This can help brands place live streams behind a paywall and monetise the event.

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