Executives must use LinkedIn posts to weave narratives and show their human side

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August 25, 2021, 1:50 PM GMT+0

The platform has become a key channel for executives to communicate with employees and customers.

The pandemic has driven an increasing number of executives to LinkedIn. Since the platform is an important channel to reach out to stakeholders today, executives must focus on making their posts engaging for their audiences.

While executives usually do share employee-created content to amplify it, make sure to post original content. Authentic and original content engages audiences a lot more than shared posts. Similarly, executives can post their pictures to add a personal touch to their LinkedIn communication.

Given that people are working remotely, posting their pictures helps executives connect better with employees and customers. Avoid sticking to brand content at all times. Experiment with posts that discuss ideas and concepts related to the brand. Additionally, use LinkedIn for compelling storytelling instead of just sticking to standard messages.

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