Begin testing first-party data, universal IDs and contextual as alternatives for cookies

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August 26, 2021, 4:50 PM GMT+0

With the imminent cookie exit, publishers must start testing alternatives to gather data and transform their revenue models.

According to an Adform study, while 75% of global companies acknowledge that the exit of third-party cookies will impact their business, 78% of marketers have no tested solution to adopt as a replacement. Similarly, 29% of the surveyed marketers have now opted for first-party ID solutions.

When it comes to authenticated IDs such as LiveRamp and BritePool, the solution does not quite scale like first-party cookies. Additionally, authenticated IDs fall short of providing functionality such as frequency capping, reporting and profiling. Instead, companies should focus on building closer connections with their customers to boost trust and effectively use first-party data.

Simultaneously, companies are likely to use contextual advertising to enhance first-party data, along with AI technologies. Companies can use contextual to leverage existing audience data and improve campaign accuracy and performance.

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