Businesses should use session replay analysis to get insights into visitor mindset

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August 27, 2021, 5:08 PM GMT+0

Session replay analysis can help marketers get a clear picture of the user journey, recognise, and empathise with their visitor’s feelings and users experiences.

Session replay – also known as session recording – is a solution or a qualitative web analytics tool that enables marketers to review footage of real, anonymous consumers interacting with their websites or apps. It can help marketers effectively track every activity of each visitor on the website.

Using session replay analysis can help marketers examine how visitors engage and interact with various website features, identify bugs and uncover why visitors leave. Instead of using guesswork, marketers can use this reliable, real-user data to fix website issues and improve user experience.

Marketers can also leverage artificial intelligence to focus on the more critical sessions and then optimise websites accordingly. The analysis can be completed with heatmaps, segment visitors and compare session recording between new and returning customers.

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